A valley is a low spot between the slopes of mighty peaks. Many times they are lush and beautiful with trees, meadows, streams, and lakes. The lushness is brought about by the years or erosion on the mighty peaks. Most mountain ranges have intermittent valleys as you ascend their peaks.

Sitting in a lush valley with a babbling brook flowing into a lake with a slight breeze in the trees is wonderful. Watching butterflies and birds flying around the flower covered pasture. Looking up at the majestic climbs of the peaks all around and watching puffy white clouds sauntering across the blue sky. That is an awe inspiring sight.

In our walk with Christ we will find valleys and many times we feel alone or distressed when there. Take a moment and consider where you’ve been, where you are, and look up at the peak you are getting ready to climb. We should count our blessings and see what God has already done. When climbing there is little time to pause and contemplate your achievements; you can only do that on a peak or in a valley. Peaks and valleys are victory points in our christian journey, therefore let us be happy and joyful that the Lord is with us in both as well as during the climb.

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