Focus of awareness.

In the military to stand at attention means eyes front, shoulders slightly back, chest out, heels together with toes separated, and pant seam being touched between thumb and index finger. No matter what happens it is the duty of the soldier to stay in that pose keeping eyes front until told another command.

A hunting dog will point with full attention to a bird in the brush. The dog will hold that pose until the hunter tells it to flush or to release and continue.

Some people like to do things to draw notice of themselves. Acting out or up to pull people’s awareness to themselves. Sometimes it is done to protect someone else from something, but other times it is just to seek acceptance and acknowledgement that they exist.

Our attention should be on fulfilling our tasks while serving the Lord. Christ wants attention, He said that we should lift Him up and He will draw all men unto Him. In everything we do, we are to do as unto Him; thus showing the world that a spiritual life is a good life.

Let us focus on Christ and all that He is to us, being sure to lift Him up at every opportunity. Praising His name with our lives.

One thought on “Attention

  1. It seems to be a very fine line between true spiritual manifestations and actions to draw attention to self. It would also appear to be somewhat clouded too.

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