Effort put forth to complete a task. It takes work to live a fruitful life. Work is required to grow a loving family. We must work at going to our job everyday, even it is a joy and we love it, we all like to have time away. Effort is required to take care of household tasks. I know this list can go on and on…

What about in the church? How does work come into play there?

Yes, there is work in the church as pastors, teachers, musicians, and other lay ministries. Oh yes, if the church is large enough there will be additional support staff positions.

Is that it? I think there is more…

Paul wrote of his struggles in that what he wanted to do he did not do, and what he didn’t want to do he did. He is speaking about the sinful fleshly man who pops up in all of us. But He also states in this passage that we overcome sin by the power of the Spirit living in us after salvation – Romans 7:14-8:39. So we have a battle within us that requires work on our part to stay in tune with the Spirit.

Runners put forth a huge amount of effort in running a race. In Philippians 2:12-18 Paul writes of his work amongst them as a race he is completing and their lives show his work to not be in vain. However, he also tells them to work at maintaining their spiritual life. We are all running this race together, reaching the world around us. This is the act of laboring in the harvest to which all believers are called.

So let’s work hard, straining towards God and His righteousness and in so doing be bright lights of His glory so he might draw people out of darkness, after all Christ called believers the “light of the world”.

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