I haven’t travelled a bunch in my life. I have never left the US (oops, forgot I once went to Calgary, Alberta, Canada), but I have been some places here. Have you ever taken in the vast array of beauty and landscapes God formed in our country? It amazes me and floors me to realize that the God who made all this actually cares about me and my life.

The magnificent grandeur and beauty of the snow capped climbs of the Rocky Mountains. But there is more to them, the plateaus with pristine streams glistening in the sun. The aspens in fall glowing gold on the climbs. Their foothills producing produce and grain waving in the breeze.

The vast expanse of the open plains where crops and live stock are grown to feed the world. Rolling plains for grazing of stock and the production of all kinds of grains. The wind blowing across the plains creating waves in the grains and wild grasses that mimic small oceans.

The dry and arid desert regions of Arizona, New Mexico, and west Texas. Beautiful landscapes that reflect the sun and create massive optical illusions of mirrors on the ground. Dust devils reaching the earths fingers towards the heavens. The painted desert with all of the colored stone and what about the Grand Canyon…wow!

Tree covered Ozark mountains across Missouri, Arkansas, and northeast Oklahoma. Containing many beautiful rivers and lakes. The beautiful trees and paths of the Appalachian Mountains.

Our long and beautiful coast lines along the massive oceans and the gulf. The magnificence of Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes.

With all of this array of creation God is concerned about me. You know, the very count of the hairs on my head are known to Him. Not a sparrow falls that He doesn’t know about it. He clothes the fields in beautiful flowers. All of creation was made for His enjoyment and He places man in it for us to enjoy it as well. His magnificence is beyond understanding.

However, we were also made for fellowship with Him. Sin broke that bond of fellowship so He offered His son to become a sacrifice of blood to take away our sin. Wow! Really? Why do we deserve that? We don’t! That is grace. The God of all creation wants a relationship with me so bad that He did that. Why should I not want to have a relationship with that kind of God? I can’t think of a reason.

Thank you Lord for giving yourself up for me a lost sinner. Thank you for carrying my wrongs to the cross so that I might be called a child of God and be a joint heir with you in the Father’s kingdom.

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