Many places along our coasts have what are called barrier islands. These islands are natural barriers against rough seas that protect the shoreline from heavy surf. In other areas there are man made barriers that have been erected for the same purpose. One such is, “The National Harbor of Refuge and Delaware Breakwater Historic District encompasses a series of seacoast breakwaters behind Cape Henlopen, Delaware, built between 1828 and 1898 to establish a shipping haven on a coastline that lacked safe harbors. The Harbor of Refuge is at the mouth of the Delaware Bay estuary where it opens into the Atlantic Ocean, at Lewes.” – Wikipedia. Many vessels have swung in behind this barrier over the years to wait out a storm in the Atlantic.

The following chorus is from the hymn “The Haven of Rest”,

I’ve anchored my soul in the “Haven of Rest,”
I’ll sail the wide seas no more;
The tempest may sweep over wild, stormy deep,
In Jesus I’m safe evermore.

Speaks to our lives and the protective haven we can go to when facing the storms of life. If we abide in him and he in us we can face whatever our enemy can throw at us. He is our shield and strength and a very present help in time of trouble. May we stand strong in him and the power of his might.

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