A picture can say a thousand words. Pictures of leaders line the halls of businesses and government buildings. Images of heroes are displayed in children’s rooms. Sports memorabilia contains pictures of sports legends and active players performing their roles. Family memories of vacations and special occasions are proudly displayed in our homes and possibly in our work environment.

What is in a picture that creates in us a desire to keep them? Memories and reminders of things we have done or would like to do. Great leaders pictures might drive us to dig into that persons biography and learn how they achieved the leader position. Heroes are people that we look up to and might attempt to emulate. Of course family pictures take us back to yesterday and the fun we have had and the pride we take in our young ones who are now adults themselves.

A picture or image does not have to be something in a frame. A life can also portray an image of oneself. What image does my life portray? How do my lifestyle and choices affect those I am near?

Lord, I pray that you shine forth in my lifestyle. That your love and care are readily seen and that my choices are in line with you. I pray for holiness…a separation from my fleshly man and a dedication to you. Amen.

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