Extra Thought

While reading in Genesis 24 this morning I saw something a little deeper and God gave me a little thought. I have read this scripture many times in my life but just like I always say…the Spirit reveals something new.

So Abraham sends his head servant back to Abraham’s homelands to find Isaac a wife. The servant travels there not knowing what will happen. The servant prays to the God of his Master Abraham a simple request to give him success. The servant prays to the God of his Master…it doesn’t say that he prayed to the God of his Master in whom he also believed. His prayer was answered by Rebekah coming and doing exactly what the simple prayer stated.

Revelation…God answered the prayer and faith of Abraham and answered the simple prayer of a possible unbeliever to prove his Master’s faith and trust were not unfounded. Then in speaking with Abraham’s family, the servant tells them how God had blessed Abraham and led him to send this servant to find a wife. Perhaps that answer to prayer opened the eyes of this servant to a faith and trust in the Master’s God.

If God will act and prepare the way for us as depicted in this scripture, then we should be excited to follow and obey His leading in our lives. What miracle or blessing is waiting for us just around the corner? I can’t wait to see.

Be blessed.

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