Good food starts with a good recipe. But it takes more than a recipe to create the good food. Someone must perform the tasks required in the recipe. If the tasks aren’t carried out well the food might go from good to just food or worse yet awful food that is headed for the garbage.

My wife makes some awesome food. She follows those recipes really well and things turn out as expected. Pinterest gives her new ideas to try and sometimes although the food is good it is not to our liking so that dish is not repeated. But usually she pulls off some very tasty dishes. She likes to bake so there have been times when she works out some new recipe by having us be ginny pigs and eat small portions of the new baked good. These are also good but she is just tweaking…for instance the Rolo and chocolate cupcakes. She wanted the Rolo to melt in a certain fashion so she made a few batches over a few days and came up with her desired melt. All of the cupcakes were good…but her end result was A+.

Personally I like to make soups, be it chili, gumbo, or even some others. I know chili and gumbo aren’t really considered soup but I call anything that I can put in a bowl that is hot and your eat with a spoon a soup. All of these also have recipes that must be followed. When it comes to chili I will sometimes go off script and add a little extra of an ingredient to add a little pep. For instance I might add a fresh hot pepper or two (jalapeño usually, I prefer something hotter but hey it’s not just for me). I have also added liquid smoke to the meat as it is browned to add some sweet smokiness to the dish. In stews you can add almost any vegetable that the family will eat (excluding broccoli and cauliflower – their not good when real mushy).

We have a recipe for life called the Bible. The directions contained in this book of books show us how to build a life of holiness. The ingredients in the book have no limits for adding zest to life. For instance, can I have too much faith? No…I can always add more. Can I get to much joy? No…that is a great feeling and can shine happiness all around. Now there are ingredients in this recipe that we would list as exclusions. I am sure you know what I mean; we are told that we cannot murder so killing someone is something to be excluded from our life. Of course there are more exclusions than just that but you get the idea. So God gives us all these ingredients and pours them into us if we are an open container willing to receive. Then He starts stirring and blending us over some heat. The heat being struggles and storms that life throws at us. As we boil and simmer on, we overcome this heat and turn into a sweet smelling dish in His nostrils.

So we must be open vessels for God to pour His ingredients into so that we can then share with others. We are then being spiritual food for others to draw to God those who do not know Him and build up those who do. How we overcome the heat is a mighty example to others of God working in and through us.

Oh Lord, I am an open vessel. Pour into me today what you will and cover me with your protection. May I handle today’s stresses in an appropriate way, displaying your character within me. Praises to your wonderful name. In Jesus name, amen.

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