Well the weatherman said we would have 3-5 inches of snow. Wichita actually got 1.9 inches. Kingman and Hutchinson were in the 3-5 inch area as well, Kingman received 10 inches and Hutchinson 6.5.

There are few things in life that we can predict with certainty. The sun will come up in the morning and from historical tracking the time of its rising is known. The sunset is similar, we know it will set and the actual time it will occur because of historical records. Weather changes can be predicted by watching the skies and the moon’s phases and constellation positions can be known through historical tracking information.

What else can we predict. I would say that most everything else is unpredictable and will just occur as far as nature and our traveling through this life.

However, I can predict a great event that will occur in our future. Actually it has already been predicted so I am just stating facts already on record. The Lord is going to return to take His bride the church out of this world to be with Him forever. This will be so exciting and joyous for those who have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The time for this happening is so close and gets shorter everyday. If you have not prepared yourself for this event through repentance and acceptance of Christ’s Lordship, your time is short. Heed His call and surrender to Him today.

Great and magnificent Jehovah, praises to your name. Thank you for the gift of salvation through your son Jesus and your acceptance of me a wretched sinner. I pray Lord that I might be a light in this world revealing You to those that cross my path. All glory, honor, power, and praise to you oh Lord. I ask this in Jesus name, amen.

Be blessed.


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