Farmers use it to enhance and protect their crops during growth. We use it to keep our yards healthy and lush. Different types are also used to help flowers and gardens look beautiful. Oh yeah, then there is another type for trees and evergreens. Additives to the fertilizers can protect the plants from certain pests that would bring damage.

In our Christian walk we too have a fertilizer that we need to spread. To help us grow into the beautiful creation God created us to be we must add the word of God to our life. The word teaches and leads us into the paths of righteousness. But the word is not the only additive our lives must have, we need to add to the word a praying lifestyle. A dedicated time of intimate focus on God so He can open up the word in our lives. This time is not only a time of requests for God’s assistance and blessings for us but also a time of waiting to hear from and be touched by God. Adoration, praise, and worship is another fertilizer our lives must contain as we give gratitude to God for all he does.

If we can add these fertilizes to our Christian walk our growth cannot be hindered. God will see to it that rains of His blessings will fall on our walk and He will work with us to keep the thorns and briars of life restrained. We must build a schedule into our day to allow these items to be spread in us. It is our responsibility to make the space and God’s responsibility to be faithful…something He will not fail to be.

Be blessed.


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